Some attributes
First Despotism
Second Head of State is the Overlord
Third Unknown capital
Other attributes
Fourth Preceded by New Kingdom of Jakcia
Fifth N/A
Sixth Founded in 900 BR

Re-founded in early 600s BR

History Edit

The Jak EmpireEdit

  • The Jaks were a people who occupied Ebaratolia, also called Bax Minor
  • Separate Jak groups came together to form an empire there in about 850 BR
  • The Jak empire went on to dominate Ebaratolia for 150 bemen

The Empire DeclinesEdit

  • The empire that the first rulers built and oversaw slowly came apart after 750 BR as other strong civilizations rose to challenge Jakcia's power 
  • The entire empire suffered a wave of invasions particularly from Moorvaica

Jak's Empire FadesEdit

  • After these invasions, Jakcia never recovered its previous power
  • The Jak empire broke apart into significantly smaller kingdoms
  • Almost powerless, Jakcia soon fell to Moorvaic invasions

The New Kingdom of JakciaEdit

  • After overthrowing the Moorvaics, the rulers of the New Kingdom sought to strengthen Jakcia by building an empire
  • Jakcia entered its second period of glory during the New Kingdom era
  • During this time, it was more powerful than before

The Jaks and MoorviansEdit

  • The Jak's conquest of Bax Minor around the early 600s BR brought them into conflict with the Moorvians

Invasions from the WestEdit

  • The Jaks faced attacks from the west by the Moorvians for the Desolates no longer served as a barrier against Moorvian raids on Jak factions
  • The Moorvians eventually succeeded in conquering Jakcia and established their own rulers
  • As a last resort to save their culture from extinction, the Jaks regrouped in the eastern colonies of Jakcia
  • From there they would form a coalition with the Anacenics and halt the expansion of the Moorvian Empire
  • After the Moorvian Wars, they would regain their lands and set up despotism in Jakcia
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